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my quilts

Here I share my work...though my intention to add new work to my website usually falls victim to technophobia and procrastination. Selling is not my intention, but I always welcome your opinions and interest!  Email me at eleanorlevie@gmail.com.

Featuring my printed fabric

ReUSE series

Fun with a stash of trash! Coffee bags, tea bag envelopes, and other foil-lined packaging. Oooh, how they hold a crease, so I get to take a vacation from my iron! Best of all, I'm recycling, reusing, and doing a little something to keep 


My solo art show, Trash-Stash Quilt Art, was on view Dec. 2-20

at the Da Vinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia...

but you can still visit it virtually HERE.

  • Take a video tour of the exhibit!
  • Play an "I SPY" game with your family!
  • Get my tips and tricks for making holiday cards with recycled materials you've got right at home!


Skinny Quilts


Quilt Statements

I've discovered that if you have something to say – the more personal or political, the better – it takes the pressure off the need to create "art." These messages quilts allow me to get things off my chest, and also give me more of a shot of having people take a second look at what I've done.


Gifts of Piece and Plenty of Fusing

Still Life: Fruit & Flowers