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Recycled Art Hamsa

Recycled Art Hamsa

A sample for the class I am teaching at the Pomegranate Guild Convention in Philadelphia Oct.7, 2013.

Recycled Art Hamsa  2-hour workshop

Description: Using recycled foil lined packaging—coffee and tea bags, make an eco-kind good luck charm.  Measuring 7” x11” long, not including the optional hanging bottle caps, it will ward off the evil eye and other kitchen disasters, and wipes clean, too. Use my trash stash or yours, to make it more personal. Your kit also includes a shrink art plastic hand of Miriam: use it full size, as a pattern, then decorate it at home with markers and bake to shrink it for the dangling charm.

In class, you’ll cut and glue the patchwork design, and learn how to finish the project at home with simple straight machine stitching that simultaneously quilts your design onto felt made from recycled plastic bottles, and frames the piece with rickrack. Lastly, you’ll stitch a variety of buttons on by hand.