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Book a Fun & Fascinating Program!  

"Your lecture was fantastic.  I have to tell you...typically when the lecture is over most guild members take off and leave immediately.  The amount of folks that hung around to mingle with you and look at your books and quilts speaks volumes about your presentation.  Many of them either approached me that evening or sent an email the next day telling me how much they enjoyed your quilts, lecture and humor."--Mandi Percell, Program Chair for Quilters Unlimited, Arlington Virginia

  •  Rock Your Quilting!--NOW ON ZOOM!
  •  Quilting Goes Wild & Crazy!
  •  Quilters on the Runway
  •  Quilters Who Dared
  •  A Magical History Tour -- NOW ON ZOOM!
  •  Finding Inspiration in Memory Quilts
  •  Not Just for Mother's Day
  •  Art Quilts to Make You Laugh or Cry

Technical and Practical Guidelines:

All of my on-site presentations (as opposed to Zoom presentations) include a trunk show, with quilts for passing around and touching. These are made by me, or in my collection of anique, vintage, and contemporary quilts. Please try to provide the following:

  • Table or two, for exhibiting trunk show items, plus books for show and sale
  • If the room is large, a microphone is helpful--but not absolutely necessary (I have a good, strong voice)

Guidelines for Fees:

Generally, I charge $350 per lecture/trunk show/presentation, plus transportation costs if applicable. If I need to stay overnight, I’m hoping you’ll make arrangements for non-smoking accommodations or home hospitality.