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Art Quilts to Make You Laugh or Cry

See the pictorial, personal statements of internationally renowned quilt artists. You’ll be amazed by the stories behind them and the surprising materials and techniques that go into them. Guaranteed to touch your hearts and your funny bones!

Please let me know the special passions, issues, and concerns that resonate with your group! I can include slides of quilts that …

  • feature social commentary
  • proclaim patriotism and democratic principles
  • suggest a political stance, such as gun control
  • reflect a woman’s agenda, and the social pressures on women today
  • illustrate environmental or social utopias
  • celebrate…or cringe at technology

Barefoot & Pregnant, by Jean Ray Laury

Middle Matzah, by Leslie Golumb Hartman & Louise Silk

Cinderella, by Kyra S. Hicks

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your talk on Thursday evening.  The slides were terrific, and I really enjoyed your commentary.  Must admit, I saw quilts I had never seen (or even imagined) before.  I’m sure it’s always a challenge to put together a talk that works for each individual guild…you really did a great job for Heartstrings!  --Annie C.