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Higher Ground

Higher Ground

In life, in relationships, in political discourse, it’s always better to take the higher ground. “When they go low, we go high,” Michele Obama famously said in 2016. Making art is how I express my passion for social justice and how I refuel for the hard but necessary volunteer advocacy work I do. This patchwork and collage jumble takes its place among my trash-stash quilt-art series, as it is built from bags that once held ground coffee, along with other colorful, plasticized, foil-lined packaging. A “sea of integri-tea” runs through the piece, reminding me that strong moral principles flow from the belief that everyone deserves respect and dignity.


Coffee bags, single-serve tea bag packaging, snack food bags, eco-felt as filler, bolt ends as backing

Techniques: Piecing, applique, free-motion quilting with intermittent swearing.

43” x 30”

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