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Reuse, recycle, reinvent, repurpose, re: use, re: us, Re: U.S., reduce REFuse, reFUSE, resist. A trash-stash quilt, part of a long series of work composed of packaging from consumer products that would ordinarily go into landfills. The stash is trash for my art quilt. In other words, I seek to ReUse what others may call REFuse. Foil-lined packaging like the fancy little single-serve tea bag envelopes and coffee bags, a plastic woven horse-feed bag, plus mesh citrus bags. I’ve added heat to make some materials bubble, paint to take the colors and patterns further and suggest more depth of meaning, more caution for us as stewards of the planet. 

I hope you will take the text and meaning as either lifestyle inspiration or environmental advocacy. Let’s all do what we can so as not to refuse Mother Earth and generations to come a healthy future.

This piece was made for and juried into the Studio Art Quilt Associates show: Textile Posters, which traveled to international venues from 2017 to 2019. Now in the collection of Ben and Karyn Levie.

Dimensions: 32: x 48"

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