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ReUse #3

ReUse #3

Made 16" square (though not a true square, alas; I should know better!)-- for the Alliance for American Quilts New from Old 2010 Contest (though got it in too late to be eligible for that) and Auction, taking place in August, 2010.

Materials: Foil-lined plastic packaging--mostly for tea and coffee, felt

Techniques: Machine-pieced, foundation-piecing, machine applique, machine quilting

Artist’s Statement:

Classic patchwork, vintage ransom note-text, rendered in medium generally meant for the trash heap.  Am I saving the planet or suffering from a path-o-logical hoarding disorder? Or perhaps, just having enormous fun.  Especially love those tea bag packets—they really hold a crease!  And la di dah, I’m taking a little vacation from my iron!