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What's Your Body Type?

43" x 21"

Made for an invitational exhibit at the Allentown Art Museum, to accompany the contest quilts that were accepted. The contest was sponsored by P & B Textiles, to promote their fabric collection, “A Season of Toiles” – reproductions of fabrics owned by the Allentown Art Museum.

Materials include the P&B toile fabricsthe right sides and reverse sides, painted, sun-painted, and stenciled; vintage linens; buttons, lace, and notions; assorted ribbons, ribbon roses, and trims.

This quilt features my “self portrait” at 3 phases of life: When I was just budding, a skinny girl, all elbows and knees; when I was bursting with the bountiful rotundity of pregnancy, full-figured and cultivating life; and as a pear-shaped, mature woman, experiencing a second flowering but often yo-yo-ing between ideas, and sometimes feeling the need to zip it up.

Ultimately, this quilt is a celebration of women, with the recognition that, despite all the societal pressure, we are all beautiful!

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