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Funny-Side Up: FiberPhiladelphia 2012


Yup, I needed help. When the most deep and conceptual installations of FiberPhiladelphia were without cloth, let alone quilting or stitches, I started to feel waaay out of date–positively obsolete. But here and there, I found the perfect antidote: Fiber art that made me chuckle, giggle, and grin.  Seriously,  who says art must be serious?  Have a good laugh, and then get inspired to make art that’s just for fun!

House of Cards (all credit cards), by Amy Orr


This piece is at the Philadelphia Alliance of Art, in Rittenhouse Square

Peering into the living room

Credit card siding, on the side

Also at the Philadelphia Alliance of Art, this hilarious piece by embroidery artist Marcia Doctor; the needle gives you a sense of the scale on this one:

“Don’t Fuck with Me,” by Marcia Doctor

Formal Argument, by Diane Savona, at the Crane

a detail












Here’s the back of the award-winning piece.

Part of a series of collages, by London artist Spinks, these little classical prints are warmed up by tiny knitted sweaters and hats. It’s at the Gershman Y exhibit called Mending = Art.

Random Acts of Kindness, by Spinks


Random Acts of Kindness, by Spinks

Cute, huh?


Slurp, by Jill Rumoshosky Werner, which was at the High Wire Gallery

Dots Rush In Where Checkers Fear to Tread, by Renie Breskin Adams, at KelliJane, and about 7″ x 9″


Zipperwall Quilt 2, by Bryan Day, at the Crane

Yes, those are plastic Easter eggs!

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring!

10 Responses to “Funny-Side Up: FiberPhiladelphia 2012”

  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful works of art, this post and the last two. I wish that I could have been there this year, but it wasn’t meant to be so I really enjoyed seeing your take on it.

  2. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Eleanor says:

    Love the tiny knitted hats – must check out London artist Spinks – is it Sally Spinks?
    margaret in london

    Must be, Margaret. The label only mentioned Spinks…so I assumed it was a one-name person, like Prince or Madonna. Thanks for the info. She does “comfort” at both ends of the size spectrum, doesn’t she?!

  4. Eleanor says:

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Karen Horton says:

    I’m not a quilter, I’m not an artist, I am not a craftsperson (though I can appreciate the sash that jokes — sort of — “But it’s still craft not art”) but I do blog, and I must say I am really impressed with the content, words and images. Elly, you bring fresh perspective, humor and a keen eye for detail that your camera captures.

    This is a terrific blog that I will follow.

  6. Linda says:

    Love the award winning piece in particular. Thanks for sharing!

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    Funny-Side Up: FiberPhiladelphia 2012 « Inspiring Quilting: Elly's blog to boost your creative IQ

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    Funny-Side Up: FiberPhiladelphia 2012 « Inspiring Quilting: Elly's blog to boost your creative IQ

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