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Inspiring Quilting: Elly's blog to boost your creative IQ

What if?


Yeah, what if?

What if I crowdsourced an arrangement of elements on my blog (see my last two posts!)?


What if I took all the suggestions to heart, and kept going?

What if I continued the graphic lines in the fabrics into the quilting?

What if I curved the side edges?

It’s my modus operandi, the “what if” way of working. Try this, take a look or take a picture, then try something different. With digital image reminders, I can easily go back to a previous rendition. Anyone else use this “making it up as you go along” method?

The result, called “What If?,” natch, is about 28″ at its widest x 36″ — if memory serves.

Furthermore, much as I enjoyed the process, I see all that could have been—a simpler, stronger, less belabored piece of work. Out of my sight for a while, I’ll return to look at it with fresh eyes and a more accepting attitude…I can only hope. But here’s another thing about the way I work with fabric art: I am never totally pleased with an oeuf…er, oeuvre. But even working in a series, it’s almost impossible to make something that’s just slightly different, with just minor readjustments. And the next word play art might just be Just/Readjust!!

As the adage goes, “Done is better than perfect,” and I won’t be redoing this puppy. OK, maybe minor revisions. But what if I were to apply your points of view to my next piece? I’d get to be a better fabric artist, wouldn’t I?

In the meantime, what if any of you are  going to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza in Oakes, PA, this Thursday thru Sunday? If so, look for it in the Spirit! exhibition group.

Whether you go by these images of the full piece above and detail below, or whether you get a glimpse of it in the cloth, let me know what you think in the comment box below. Remember, no hoops to jump through, no weird characters to copy to prove you’re not a robot. Your constructive criticism, easily keyed in, is always appreciated.







3 Responses to “What if?”

  1. HelenMarie says:

    You are an inspiration! I love to stitch by the seat of my pants, and hope to have more time to do that. Soon. I get to do a bit tomorrow with Newtown Quilters! They have Victoria Findlay Wolfe coming for a 15 minutes of play workshop. And Donna Laing found out they had an opening! Why is it I feel compelled to take everything AND the kitchen sink along? Hope to see you and your quiltlet at Oaks.

    • Eleanor says:

      OOOOH, what fun! To play with HelenMarie, Donna Laing, and the Newtown Quilters….let along Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Wish I could play too. Actually seeing my mother-in-law off to her heavenly rest…should be imminent. What if everyone could enjoy a long life of meaningful activity and loving friends and relatives as she has had?!

  2. It’s a lovely, graceful piece.

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