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Do you remember topsy-turvy dolls? A bit like a Pushmepullyou from the story of Dr. Dolittle.

Do little, however, is rarely my modus operandi…quite the opposite, I tend to go overboard. So when–a long time ago, I took a class from one of the top dollmakers in the world, Elinor Peace Bailey, I didn’t make a doll from one of her kits. I didn’t make a doll…I made a topsy turvy doll. Here’s the basic body:

Here’s the Sun’s sun-dress, made today from a pillowcase that my grandmother had, and the Moon’s nightshirt:


Takes me back to my girlhood. I never played with dolls, but I made dolls and made costumes for them.

Always nice to have a reason to finish a project. This topsy turvy doll is headed–pun intended–to a baby who is the sun, moon, and stars to her family. Only hope the dog doesn’t chew it up before she can enjoy it!








2 Responses to “Topsy-Turvy”

  1. HelenMarie says:

    Your works are so full of the joy of life, you inspire me to keep on keeping on! Btw I have two tops turvy dolls but not the one from my childhood which was black and white! My cousin had one that was wide eyed at one end and sleepy eyed at the other. The current ones which I bought when our grandgirls were very young (now 18 and 23) are grandma and the wolf at one end and red riding hood at the other, and goldilocks and the three bears!

  2. I should know that you, being such a fabulous drama queen, would have these storybook characters, Helen Marie!

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