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Honoring Earth Day with Fabulous Fiber

Grabbing another chance to share some of the highlights of Fiber Philadelphia 2012–still going on in many venues. Just in time for Earth Day on Sunday, I’m shining light on a few innovative works by artists who celebrate nature with wit and innovation.

And you, dear reader, get to grab another chance at my giveaway: On Earth Day, April 22, I’ll be giving away 22 of my make-it-green collection of Unforgettable Tote Bags: 20 designs too cool to leave in the car. With designs by Virginia Avery, Karen Eckmeier, Kaffe Fassett and Liza Lucy, Diane Gaudynski,  Judy Hooworth, Jean Ray Laury,  Lonni Rossi,  Jane Sassaman, Susan Shie, and me, you’ll be getting a lot of ways to avoid paper, plastic, or those made-in-China mystery-fiber reusable grocery bags. Me, I invariably carry a hand-made tote bag that doubles as purse and carry-all. To check it out, click here. To get in on the deal, leave a comment on this blog!


On to eco-friendly fiberart. First up, friendly fauna in diminutive crochet, by Carol Eckert. These delightful pieces in cotton over wire are on view at the Wexler Gallery in Philly; Silent Invocations and Snakes for Fish:








From fauna to flora, get a load of “Leaf Fall, Fragments var. 3” by Barbara J. Schneider—photo transfer on fabric. It’s a stunner among the Art Quilts Elements master works at the Wayne Art Center:










You want flowers? Joan Dreyer, whose work was on view at the Crane, made the light and lyrical Still Life/Daisies. Look closely and guess what those petals are made from…







Were you able to sink your teeth into that challenge? They are dental X-rays, darlings!












Finally, above, a word to live by. This is “Chance Encounter,” by Gyongy Laky, part of the instructors’ exhibit at the Crane. Fiber was never as expansively defined—or as exciting—as it was at this venue.  You want more recognizable  forms of fiber—something closer to quilting? Enter the giveaway and get inspired to make an Unforgettable Tote Bag. Just leave a comment here: What do you think of these pieces? How are you going green in your creative expression?

21 Responses to “Honoring Earth Day with Fabulous Fiber”

  1. Susan Walen says:

    Ah, I loved Fiber Philadelphia! But you’ve given me a start at understanding how those MAHvelously ratty leaves were done by the talented Barbara Schneider! Thank you.
    Oh, and please put me on your give-away list. I’ve never won anything in my whole life~~~~~


  2. Susan Kerr says:

    What unusual and imaginative use of fiber. I especially love the word
    Invent made of sticks–truly a first. Thank you for sharing these.

  3. Lydia Reading says:

    Thanks for the pictures from Fiber Philadelphia. My travels took me to Media, Pa just a few days before it opened and I was especially bummed that I missed the exhibit at the Wayne Center…big sigh. Would love a copy of the book. It looks pretty fun. Are you really giving away 22 copies? I might actually have a chance!

  4. Marilyn says:

    Those leaves are amazing. And I don’t think of wood as fiber but of course it is. VT is considering making plastic bags “illegal” so I will really need one of those tote bags to add to my existing collection. I liked your expose on pomegranates too.

  5. Jill says:

    Thanks for posting all the photos from Fiber Philadelphia. They make me wish I’d made the effort to get there and see for myself. And I can always use another tote bag!

  6. Mary Ann Cox says:

    Love the photos – what great artists. I especially love the ‘daisies’. One way I go green is to use all those leftover fabric scraps to make doggie beds for the shelter.

  7. carol c d says:

    Thanks for the photos of the Fiber fun..wish I was there ..sigh.
    Your book looks very apealing (fiber joke..my own DH is a woodworker)
    and I would love to win it.!!

  8. LindaMac says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the book. Even here in rural Wyoming we have a group of women interested in textile and fiber art, who would love this book.

  9. Susan Thornton says:

    I do try to live GREEN. Probably could do a much better job but try to do the things that help Mother Earth. If I should be so lucky as to win a tote you can bet it will be used.

  10. Lorchen Nunn says:

    Beautiful and innovative pieces! Thank you for showing them.
    I really need to get more into the groove of using materials from nature. So far I am more on the recycling track. No old and used item of clothing or home decoration is safe from me. 🙂


  11. I truly appreciate your sharing these wonderful pieces of art from Fiber Philadelphia and a chance to win your book!

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