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Let us all praise purple » My buddy, PHD Purple

My buddy Dr. Morry Edwards, aka PHD Purple, keeps his patients in good cheer with his clothing, that never fails to include purple. (The snorkels are wedding attire for his brother’s nuptials.)

One Response to “My buddy, PHD Purple”

  1. My late husband was color blind. He would go on the same trip to Washington every year for business and always bring the ugliest lingerie in awful shades of mauve and lilac and also things that were fitting for a teenager’s tastes! When I said something to him on year 12 about the color, he replied “The nightgowns are blue not purple!

    So, after that buying me purple gifts became an act of love and I learned to love the color purple! We were together for 37 years and married for 36 years. Now I buy my own purple things!

    Purple has a wide range from the palest lavender to the darkest aubergine. I love it now!

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