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About - Quiltmaking

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Though born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Eleanor Levie (rhymes with Chevy) has a personality that is less Baltimore Album and more Crazy Quilt. Home is Center City Philadelphia, where she and the husband take walks all over town and rarely get in the car—except to visit family in Baltimore. And once in a while, as Covid-regulations permit, they get on a plane to Denmark to visit their son, daughter-in-law, and grandbaby.

Elly is a prolific and innovative quilter of quilted gifts such as pillows, table runners, tote bags, and embellished jackets. And as an art quilter, she's as likely to use paint and dye and recycled packaging as she is to piece, machine-applique, and quilt. In fact, she dabbles in every technique she can find. That being said, she's got a respected professional persona, too: From 1978 until 2012, she authored, edited, and produced books such as: Quilt Blocks Go Wild!, Unforgettable TOTE BAGSSkinny Quilts & Table Runners I and II. All feature Elly’s original designs but also those by famous quilters you know and love. Previously, Elly produced the Rodale’s Successful Quilting Library series, authored Great Little QuiltsCountry Living's Country QuiltsAmerican Quiltmaking: 1970-2000 is her history book, chock full of pictures of iconic quilts and the stories behind them. Elly is always eager to hear the stories behind your quilt guild, and to meet quilters --- if only on Zoom!