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Short, General Bio:

Eleanor Levie has been sharing her passion for needlework and crafts as an author, editor, and book producer for dozens of books and magazines. In the '70s and '80s, Elly produced dozens of special interest magazines for Woman’s Day, McCall’s Needlework & Crafts, and others. As an editor at Woman’s World magazine, Elly had responsibility for 6 weekly pages of needlework, crafts, and sewing. As Book Editor at McCall’s, she produced 16-page books on such topics as floral arranging, stuffed toys, doll wardrobes, bridal accessories, ribbon work, and clay ornaments.

Miniatures have long been a specialty. Creations in Miniature, by Eleanor Levie presents “101 Tiny Treasures to Stitch & Craft” while Marvelous Miniatures focuses on  small-scale quilting.

Craft techniques often find a home in do-it-yourself decorating publications Elly has authored. Some examples: Country Living Country Paint, Country Living Handmade Country, and The Country Look and How to Get It.

Elly often celebrates her creative inner child! She has authored kid- and family-friendly books The Parents Party Book and Halloween Fun, 101 Ways to Have a Safe and Scary Halloween. She served as the somewhat loony “Craft Lady” presenting quickie gifts and boredom busters for kids in U.S. News & World Report magazine and at NPR.com. 

As a PR consultant for Fujifilm, Elly produced fast, fun, and easy photo crafts projects. These combine photo prints with creative applications for celebrations, gifts, and home decorating. 

For many years, crafts figured majorly in her Sunday School teaching. Currently, Elly directs her creativity toward art quilting, upcycling her wardrobe, and making banners and flags that spell out the names of babies new to the family and to friends, never forgetting their siblings.  

In short, her talents are broad, her projects combine form and function, and her aim to please is iconic! Or maybe just ionic...