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As we come out of the Coronavirus pandemic, I'm ready to meet your needs and schedule gaps, possibly even last minute! I'm available LIVE and in person, AND LIVE and on Zoom. Either way, expect a lively program!

Check out a preview of my programs on Zoom, as I appeared on the Global Quilt Connections lineup on September 30:

Like my programs in the flesh, these live, online programs are given with liberal doses of inspiration, good humor, and bad puns! And NO travel expenses to pay!

For my live, online programs (about 1 hour), I can host on Zoom ---as many as 100 attendees from your guild. OR, YOU can host me as a speaker who shares her screen. Any members or guests with a desktop, laptop, ipad or tablet and an internet connection can join me. 

I'll show dozens of quilt projects and narrate the fun stories behind them. Book one of these presentations:

12 Ways to Rock Your Quilting,


A Magical History Tour: American Quiltmaking from 1970-2000.

My workshops on zoom (3 hours) will be interactive. I'll spend a few minutes getting everyone comfortable with this new way of learning. We'll alternate between a gallery view so we can all share, and a speaker view so you can clearly see me demonstrate and watch my short video for each step. I'll also put small groups into breakout rooms, so you can help one another, gab while you work, and I can join each room to offer individual help and suggest ways for strengthening or enlivening each unique project. 

Available now on Zoom: Weave a Quilt with Me

Here's a taste of what this workshop is all about:

"Honestly, this was as good as any in-person workshop. The pace was perfect. The instructions and videos, excellent. The breakout rooms to get personal guidance, also excellent. Oh, and sharing the experience with my friends was very much a joy during these pandemic times." -- Dawn C., Four County Quilt Guild of Mt. Airy MD

 Guild Program Chairs, contact me and let's discuss the possibilities! 

Upcoming, on Zoom:

Sept. 8, 2021, 6:30 p.m. PT: Glendale (California) Quilt Guild, A Magical History Tour, and Saturday, Sept. 11, 9a.m.-12:30 PT: Weave a Quilt with Me

October 5, 10 a.m. CT: Chisholm Trail Quilt Guild (Texas): Presentation TBD; Oct. 6, 9:30-1 CT, Weave a Quilt with Me


Any questions?  Don't hesitate to get in touch—just click on “contact me” --the last link at the top left.