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A Bouquet of 3-D Flowers


No sewing machines used in this workshop.

No green thumb necessary! You'll learn lots of techniques for different-looking blooms, and you'll come away with at least one finished beauty---in any size you want. Wear one on your collar or lapel or plant one or more on a Baltimore Album or other quilt block. Make 'em for a small wall hanging, a purse, a hat, a hair barrette or ponytail elastic, flip-flops, a fabric box, album cover, pillow, or any accessory or gift item. I'll show you how to fashion flowers from both ribbon and fabric, make buds and leaves. Plus, you'll learn the finishing techniques you'll need to use your flower as you wish. Pick a bunch of techniques and harvest the compliments!

  • 1/2 day class: roses and dahlias

  • Full day class: roses, dahlias, iris, dogwood, forget-me-nots, water lilies, poppies, rose of Sharon, and more; PLUS: beading, buttons, baubles, and embroidery for embellishing flowers


For each flower:

  • 1 yard wire-edge variegated ribbon in desired color for flower head

  • 1 yard satin or silk ribbon in desired color for flower head: the wider it is, the bigger the flower

  • 1/2 yard ribbon in desired color for leaves

  • Fat quarter of fabric for each fabric flower head (full day class only)

For all your flowers:

  • Strong thread-50 or lower-to more or less match ribbons and fabrics

  • Sewing needle

  • Thimble

  • Embroidery scissors

  • Small ruler

  • Chalk pencil, or water-erasable marker

  • Optional: A small selection of buttons and/or beads; a plain metal barrette; a ponytail elastic

I'll have lots of goodies you can purchase: wide assortment of wire-edge variegated ribbons, artificial leaves and stamens, jewel "dewdrops," ribbon roses for glorified flower centers, pin backs, and more.

I'll also provide felt and hot glue for finishing the backs of your wearable flower pins.