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my quilts

A confession, right up front: I am NOT a professional quiltmaker! My quilting is not my "work" -- not for sale, nor for commission. My quilting is mostly my playtime! I am merely an amateur—a lover of the creative adventure of quiltmaking. I start each quilt with a plan, OK, maybe just an idea! -- then I make it up as I go along. I gift most of my quilts and quilted projects to honor a birthday or life milestone for friend or family member, or for a charity auction or benefit that fundraises for an organization doing good work. Oh, and once in a while, there may be a contest or challenge that calls to me...

Professionally, I concentrate on teaching and publishing. While I show samples of my art quilts and quilt projects in trunk shows and workshops, I caution viewers: "Pay no attention to the back of the work!"

Here I share some of my pieces. I always welcome your opinions, constructive criticism, and suggestions!

ReUSE series

Fun with a stash of trash! Coffee bags, tea bag envelopes, and other foil-lined packaging. Oooh, how they hold a crease, so I get to take a vacation from my iron!!


Skinny Quilts


Quilt Statements

I've discovered that if you have something to say – the more personal or political, the better – it takes the pressure off the need to create "art." These messages quilts allow me to get things off my chest, and also give me more of a shot of having people take a second look at what I've done.


Gifts of Piece and Plenty of Fusing


Still Life: Fruit & Flowers