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About - Quiltmaking

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Though born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Elly's personality is less Baltimore Album and more Crazy Quilt. Since 1978, she has produced books and magazines featuring needlework, crafts, and most of all, quilts. Her most recent how-to book is Quilt Blocks Go Wild! Like most of her publications, this book features designs by today's top quilters in addition to her own. Readers rave about the wide range of signature styles, the something-for-everyone appeal of Unforgettable TOTE BAGS, Skinny Quilts & Table Runners I and II and more.  Previously, Elly produced eight volumes of the Rodale’s Successful Quilting Library series, authored Great Little Quilts, Country Living's Country Quilts, and American Quiltmaking: 1970-2000. Her latest gambit is patterns on Craftsy.com, under the "shop" name EllyLdesigns.

Lucky to have learned from the experts while she edits their books and chapters, Elly enjoys creating quilts and quilted accessories that are eclectic and eccentric. Sharing her exciting collection of antique, vintage, and art quilts, she loves getting beginning and experienced quilters to s-t-r-e-t-c-h, to try something new, to push the envelope a little, to quilt outside the box. Participants at Elly's workshops get guidance and encouragement to create totally unique and original projects they love showing off--never a copy-cat, cookie cutter outcome!

Home is now Center City Philadelphia, where she lives with her husband and their cockatiel, Spike. Son Sam has left the nest, given her a wonderful daughter-in-law, and both are busy saving the planet and inspiring me to quilt "green."

Recent awards:

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza 2015, Judge's Choice for "Tea Rex"

NJ Tri-State Quilt Competition, 2014, Award for Best Use of Color for "Pomegranates"

Alliance of American Quilts Competition 2014, Honorary Mention for "Listen to Your Mother: The Universal Mother Speaks to Quilters"

Alliance of American Quilts Competition 2013, Honorary Mention for "Take Twenty"

Juried into:

"Swimming Upstream": Studio Art Quilters' Association (SAQA), Pennsylvania, "Connected by Stitch," The Gallery at Penn College, Williamsport, PA, Oct. 22-Dec. 8, 2016

"Tranquili-tea": Repair and Connect, Capital Health's Hopewell NJ Campus, Jan. 20-Mar. 22, 2017